LED Modules

LED modules are selected from self-encapsulated high-quality lamp beads, which have high contrast,stability and reliability, and are widely used in command and dispatching center, security monitoring room, conference room, studio, sports ground, and other places where words, charts, images, videos can be displayed..

  • Indoor Full Color SMD Series


    Indoor Full Color SMD Series

    Using Self-Encapsulated LED lamps with ultra-high contrast good consistency.
    Wide viewing angleconsistent multi-view viewing effect.
    Unified product size.

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  • Outdoor Full Color Series


    Outdoor Full Color Series

    320*160 module size strong versatility.
    Equipped with new drive IC low energy consumption high refresh.
    Waterproof and moisture-proof.
    New high-strength kit.

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  • Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch Series


    Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch Series

    The refresh rate is 3840Hz/s and the screen playback is smoother.
    unique technology strong performance.
    using GKGD independent produced lamp beads
    320x160 module size strong versatility easy product upgrade.

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  • LED Flexible Module Series


    LED Flexible Module Series

    Large angle Strong magnetic force No warping feet No degumming.
    It can be bent wound suspended etc.
    Application scenarios: Planning Museum Science and Technology Museum Creative Center Shopping Mall Art Museum etc.

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  • LED Aluminum Bottom Shell Series


    LED Aluminum Bottom Shell Series

    High-quality lamp beads High-end IC Low voltage energy saving.
    PCB:High Density Interconnect PCB.
    Various Specifications.
    Rapid and super heat dissipation.
    Ultra-high Flatness.

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  • Single & Dual Color SMD Series


    Single & Dual Color SMD Series

    High-quality lamp beads by self encapsulate.
    High brightness good reliability.
    Constant current drive power.
    Professional tin plated copper box header connector.

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