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Jun 06.2022
GKGD‘s Testing Center successfully passed the re-evaluation of CNAS laboratory
Recently, the testing center of GKGD successfully passed the laboratory review and re-evaluation of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate issued by it.

The successful passing of the CNAS re-evaluation shows that the testing center of GKGD has the testing capabilities that are mutually recognized with the international community within the scope of accreditation, marking that the management level, technical level and overall strength of the testing center have reached a higher level. The test report is also more credible, which greatly enhances the influence, credibility and GKGD brand recognition of High-Tech Huaye Group in the LED industry, and plays a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise and the industry.



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